I want to change

To our health and happiness!

Hello World!

I was thinking a lot about how to start my blog and whether I should tell you my story. I hesitantly decided yes!

I am starting the transformation of my life. If you feel my path has something to offer to yours, please join. If, like me, you dream of a happier and healthier a life, let us do it 2gezer!

Well then. Let me share with you the basic story first.

Once upon a time there lived a girl. Brought up in an ‘un-Jewish’ Jewish family, she was a true pioneer and a good example for many of her peers, both in her studies and in her behaviour. She was smart, too smart perhaps. And she was very pretty (though she realized it only many years later). She studied and worked hard. But by the age of 24, she started eating herself from the inside… Of course, there were reasons, she was aware of that: private life failures, long office hours, excessive weight, overload of responsibilities, perfectionism, lack of self-love, in short… With all this physical, emotional and psychological baggage, by her 30th birthday she was already feeling very bad: physically. Never ending colds, stress and depression, more… she got totally exhausted. And she definitely did not like her life and who she saw in the mirror.

So one day she firmly decided to take a major step and change. To tell you the truth, she actually had no alternative except to die… But she wanted to live, to live a high quality life. And she was smart, remember?

She therefore decided to build a structure for the change process, with a simple goal in mind: become healthy and happy! She remembered well what Arthur Schopenhauer said: ‘In fact, nine tenths of our happiness depends on health alone. With it, everything becomes a source of enjoyment, whereas without it, no external blessings bring any joy.’

Do you feel concerned? Yes? I will share my process and my experience with you, as it occurs; it may help you somehow. How? I do not yet know. We will see 2gezer!

In the coming posts, I will update you on how I, Miss 2gezer as I now name myself, am progressing… toward my and hopefully OUR goal: to be healthy and happy!

Miss 2gezer will do her best to provide you with as many exciting insights as possible…

Miss 2gezer also invites you to help her with advice and your own experiences.


To our Health and Happiness!

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